Wednesday, August 15, 2007


one of the perks of being a professor's daughter is being able to travel to beautiful, atypical, somewhat out of the way locations like davos. i took the day off and went by super nice intercity train to davos via landquart. it was such a nice train ride, i can't even begin to properly describe the view from the window. i don't think the pics really do it justice but i've posted some for you to see. the train traveled so close to the lake, it seemed like you could just jump out into the water!

once i arrived in davos, i met my dad for lunch and then we went walking around davos. davos is big for skiiing in the winter time and also the site of the world economic forum. it's at quite a high elevation (almost 2700 m - well over a mile), and in general, very peaceful and picturesque.

the day we were there it was pretty chilly. my dad and i took the cable car up to the top of parsenn, it was a great view on the way up, but very cold at the top. there was even some snow and ice and lots of fog. i completely froze up there because i wasn't dressed for 8C weather - me in my short sleeve shirt and sandals!