Wednesday, August 15, 2007


on saturday, my dad and i traveled by train to montreux, a very pretty town situated right on lake geneva, very close to lausanne - in the french part of switzerland. this area is much more familiar to me since we lived here for a few months, back when i was 13, when my dad was doing a sabbatical in lausanne.

this trip, my dad had arranged for us to meet with some friends from that previous trip - he has kept in touch with them over the years, but i had not seen them in a long time. so, stefano picked us up at the train station and took us to his "weekend" home in montreux. both my dad and i were absolutely floored by the stunning view from his house. it was like a swiss postcard. you could see the famous chateau chillon and across the lake, to france - both small villages and the french alps. it was a beautiful, sunny day and stefano had set up lunch (which he was grilling) out on the deck, overlooking the lake. he had also invited the ilschner family, who we also had not seen since 1994. it was a very nice reunion after so many years.

lunch was amazing - several courses ending with delicious cake and espresso. afterwards, we all relaxed on deck chairs in stefano's garden. it was a shame to have to leave montreux and head back to zurich, but it was a great visit nonetheless.