Monday, August 27, 2007

football! zurich vs. bern

saturday evening i was super excited to be able to check out a football (soccer for all you americans) game here in zurich. it was fc zurich against the young boys of bern. i'd never been to a match in europe before and was expecting a somewhat different crowd/atmosphere/experience than watching a soccer game in the states. this definitely turned out to be true.

so we went to the match with fabian - who is from bern. consequently, he got us tickets in the bern (guest) section. we had great seats, right behind one of the goals. the fans were absolutely crazy. they have all these cheers, with one guy with a loudspeaker leading everyone (HOPP Y B! GO YOUNG BOYS!). and when their team's playing badly, all the fans turn their backs to the field and jump up and down. every time the ref made a call against bern, or one of their players got fouled, or one of their players made a stupid move, there was whistling and yelling and all kinds of gesturing going on. i can understand getting emotionally involved in the game but this seemed a bit over the top for a routine game in the not so competitive axpo soccer league. but, anyway, who am i to say?

by half time, the score was 2-0 in favor of zurich - things were not looking good for the bernese. i should also mention that, by pure coincidence (i swear), i was wearing a t shirt in zurich colors - blue and white. and sitting in the bern section - colors are black and yellow. i totally got heckled by people because of my shirt! one guy, as i was passing by, pulled at my sleeve and shook his head and said "zuri, zuri, zuri." crazy. luckily, i was never left alone with these crazy bernese people.

as the end of the match approached, the score was 4-0 in favor of bern. zurich is the top team in the league currently, but bern seriously could not even keep the ball in their possession. they played terribly. finally, in the 88th min, bern scored - an honor goal, making it 4-1. the guy smoking a doobie in front of whitney was VERY excited and another fan threw his beer on the field in celebration. but then, 30 seconds later, zurich scored again! after this, we decided to leave and it was 5-1 at the end. needless to say, fabian was pretty irritated, but it was a fun time for me.

football - zurich vs. bern