Monday, August 27, 2007


on saturday i got the chance to do something very unique to zurich, and participate in the annual limmatschwimmen. every august, if the water is warm enough (at least 21C), there's a swimming event in the limmat river, right through the center of the city. the last two years it's been cancelled, but this year, it was on. in order to participate, you pay 27 francs and you're provided with a yellow floatie thing - yeah, so you're not technically swimming - and you go down the river, 1.3 km (~0.8 mi), from the start (which is near the lake) to end (near the train station).

the whole event was a lot of fun and super organized, as the swiss do things. at the beginning, you're provided with a bag with a number on it. they put a bracelet on you with the same number. you put all your stuff in the bag and they take it from you just before you jump in the water. at the end of the route, when you get out, you're handed hot, peppermint tea. and then you go claim your bag (which they've brought to the end of the river where you get out) with your bracelet. then, there's a big grassy area where you can lounge around and get a bratwurst or veggie sandwich (included with the entrance fee) and also claim your souvenir glass.

the water felt pretty cold initally, but after moving around a bit, it was fine. it was really cool to take in the sights of the city from the river itself. all in all, a great event and very relaxing.