Tuesday, August 14, 2007

a little story

so last week, i went to the travel agency at the main train station to figure out the logistics of my train ride to davos (where i was meeting my dad). i took a number and was waiting on a bench. i happened to be sitting with my legs crossed and my ipod in. this indian guy (probably ~50 years old or so) sits on the bench next to me and the conversation goes like this (by the way, imagine him saying everything with an indian accent):

him: you know, that's a very indian thing to do
me (somewhat startled that he's talking to me): uh, what is a very indian thing to do?
him (gesturing to my food): you know, the way you're doing that with your foot

(i guess i didn't realize i was sitting and moving my foot in a circle while i was waiting)

him: you probably do that in your sleep too but you don't realize. it's a very indian thing to do. i can tell you're not nervous. just an indian thing to do.
me: oh ok, i didn't realize

then he started asking me what i was doing in zurich, where i was from, if i spoke hindi (when i said yes, the rest of the convo was in hindi). and then he told me his whole life story - that he had been in zurich for 46 years, that he had married a swiss woman (which ended in divorce), and now he was retired and remarried to a bengali woman who lives in india. he presently lives 6 months in zurich and 6 months in india. when my number showed up, i said goodbye, he shook my hand and that was it.

i found it interesting because in the 2+ weeks i've been here, i've really seen very few indians. the ones that i have seen, stare like crazy at me. probably because there aren't many brown people here. this man that i met seemed like a nice guy, just looking for some conversation.