Thursday, August 9, 2007

a quick update

the week here so far has been a productive one, as far as work goes. i'm working on a lubrication related project here with a senior scientist in the materials science department. results are promising so far, hopefully we'll get a paper out of it.

i have to say, i'm really impressed by the support network here at eth. my laptop started acting up early this week and was super slow to start up. i took it to an IT guy here at the university and he's been so helpful, spending the last two days scanning my computer for viruses (it had one - he termed it an "american" one, and joking that i was going to start infecting all of europe), and also providing me with a replacement laptop to use in the mean time while he fixes mine. i don't know that i would have gotten such care at northwestern or even ucsd.

tonight i have plans to get together for dinner (singaporean food) with a few people from the lab. it's interesting because the handful of people that i have gotten to know in the lab are all foreigners. foreigners in the sense that none of them are from switzerland. some are from other parts of europe (germany, italy, czech republic) and a couple are american. i was told by one of them that (in their opinion) the swiss tend to be less open to being social, and so the foreigners tend to stick together. i don't think i've been here long enough to really determine if that's true or not, but it was an interesting perspective.

i'm taking the day off tomorrow to go to davos, to meet my dad. his meeting is ending and we'll get to spend a couple of days together before he leaves on sunday to go back to birmingham. we're also planning on meeting some old friends of my parents in montreux (in the french part of switzerland). should be a good time.

oh, regarding the ants - i think they're all gone. zurich has been under downpour for most of the week, so they've probably all drowned.