Thursday, August 30, 2007

signs in zurich

there are several signs around zurich that have caught my attention. the most controversial one, which some of us discussed at length the other day, is an ad published by the Schweizer Volks Party (or Swiss People's Party) which depicts a black sheep being kicked out of switzerland, by white sheep. translation: for more security, dangerous, non-white, foreigners should get out of switzerland. it's really amazing to me that such racism is present here in switzerland. the graduate students that I've been working with have said they are ashamed that such advertisements are appearing all over the place (pretty much every train station) and really detest the SVP party.

on a lighter note, there's a funny sign posted in all the buses and trams here, indicating what you cannot do inside. for example (from the left), you should not blow cigarette smoke in someone's face, you should not have empty pockets (= no money means no ticket), you should not play your guitar (= no soliciting), do not saw seats (= no damaging property), and no skates on the seats (= don't put your feet up). it seems that most people adhere to all of them, stiff penalty if you don't. like, if you board a tram/bus without a ticket/pass, and you're caught, you'll have to pay 80 francs. and if you don't have 80 francs, it's another 20 or 25 franc penalty.