Monday, August 6, 2007

weekend in zurich

this weekend was a lot of fun. i met my dad at the airport on saturday and even though he was jetlagged, i didn't let him rest much. we dropped his stuff off at the hotel and then walked around zurich. we ate at a great all-vegetarian restaurant - hiltl - which was recommended to me by someone. it's a big buffet, you fill up your plate, and then they weigh it and you pay. kind of pricey but really good food and the place was off the beaten path and not full of tourists. then we went to one of the largest department stores here in europe - jelmoli - and had tea on the top floor. in the evening, we decided to rent a motorboat on lake zurich (see pics at the bottom). it was a really pleasant evening, nice breeze, just before sunset. definitely very memorable!

on sunday, my dad left for davos (took a train) and i came back to my place to find ants on my bed and on the floor! gross. not sure how they got there but it was really annoying trying to get rid of them. i had trouble with the prospect of sleeping that in that bed after that. this morning i ran into mrs. becker, the landlady. i told her about the ant problem and she just shrugged her shoulders and walked away. great. i get more help from the maintenance guy in my apartment building in chicago than i do here, and that isn't saying much. one of the secretaries here in my department recommended sprinkling cinnamon (?) all over my room to get rid of ants in a "natural" way rather than buying a chemical spray and killing them instantly. we'll see.

zurich - 2


what is this picture of?

Kanika! I love your blog and the pics are great:) The ant story makes me cringe...ew. Keep updating!!

hermona - it's a picture of a chandelier in a restaurant we went to. click on it and you can see the other pics in the album!